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- Add to the CLI documentation the mention about the binary releases
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Get a random image url from a subreddit of your choosing.


npm install --save random-bunny

or if you're using yarn

yarn add random-bunny


The project can be downloaded as a binary for your system via the GitHub Releases or Gitea Releases page.


import randomBunny from "random-bunny";

// ... In an async function
const result = await randomBunny('rabbits', 'hot');



Returns a json string for a random post. Accepts 2 arguments: subreddit, and sortby ('new', 'hot', 'top')

The json string which gets returned consists of:

  • archived
  • downs
  • hidden
  • permalink
  • subreddit
  • subredditSubscribers
  • title
  • ups
  • url

sortBy will default to 'hot' if not given or invalid


Random bunny can also be used as a CLI. This is accessible via the executable (see git releases) or via src/cli.ts

For more details, see the documentation.



MIT © Vylpes